ACL 2010
July 11-16


Best Paper Awards

In the ACL tradition, ACL 2010 has several Best Paper awards:
best long paper, best short paper, and best long paper authored by a
student, sponsored by IBM. The best long paper will receive its own plenary session at the
end of the conference, and the recipients of the prizes will each
receive a certificate and cash award. The Best Paper awards have been decided by a Best
Paper committee, consisting of some of the members of the Program
Committee and additional members drawn from the ACL community.

Best long paper
Beyond NomBank: A Study of Implicit Arguments for Nominal Predicates
Matthew Gerber and Joyce Chai
Presented: Wednesday July 14, 2010 17:50-18:15, Venue A, Aula

Best short paper
SVD and Clustering for Unsupervised POS Tagging
Michael Lamar, Yariv Maron, Mark Johnson, Elie Bienenstock
Presented: Tuesday July 13, 2010 12:15–12:25, Venue A, Hall X 

IBM Best student paper
Extracting Social Networks from Literary Fiction
David Elson,  Nicholas Dames,  Kathleen McKeown
Presented: Monday July 12, 2010, 11:20-11:45, Venue B, Hall 4

Lifetime Achievement Award

The ACL Lifetime Achievement Award (LTA) was instituted on the occasion of the Association's 40th anniversary meeting.  The award is presented for scientific achievement, of both theoretical and applied nature, in the field of Computational Linguistics.  Currently, an ACL committee nominates and selects at most one award recipient annually, considering the originality, depth, breadth, and impact of the entire body of the nominee's work in the field. The award is a crystal trophy and the recipient is invited to give a 45-minute speech on his or her view of the development of Computational Linguistics at the annual meeting of the association.  As of 2004, the speech has been subsequently published in the Association's journal, Computational Linguistics.  The speech is introduced by the announcement of the award winner, whose identity is not made public until that time.

Previous winners of the distinguished award have been: Aravind Joshi (2002), Makoto Nagao (2003), Karen Spärck Jones (2004), Martin Kay (2005), Eva Hajicová (2006), Lauri Karttunen (2007), Yorick Wilks (2008) and Fred Jelinek (2009).