ACL 2010
July 11-16

Oral Presentations

The following instructions for presenters are applicable for all oral sessions in the ACL Main Conference, Workshops, and CoNLL.


Each presentation room is equipped with a laptop computer, a data projector, a microphone (for large rooms), a lectern, and a pointing device. You are strongly recommended to use the laptops provided by the conference.

Identical laptops with the same specifications are also available in the Speaker Ready Room (Room 2). You can check if your slides can be displayed properly in the Speaker Ready Room.

The laptops are equipped with:
Windows XP SP3, Internet connection, USB port, DVD player Microsoft Office 2007 Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Media Players (Microsoft/Real/QuickTime) Anti-Virus software.

You are advised to check if your PowerPoint slides can be displayed properly using PowerPoint Viewer 2007.  The computers used for presentations will have wired internet. WiFi is also available at the conference venue, however, the bandwidth is only enough for web browsing and email, not for video/audio streaming.


Your slides should be uploaded to the laptop in your session room.  This should be done half an hour prior to the start of the first morning session (for morning presentations) or half an hour prior to the end of the lunch recess (for afternoon presentations). Please arrive at your session at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your session; you should introduce yourself to the session chair and ask if there are any last-minute instructions.

Long talks are allotted 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions from the audience.  Please ensure that your presentation does not exceed 20 minutes in length.  Your presentation should highlight the problem(s) addressed by your research, describe the approach/methodology used to address these problems, discuss evaluation of your results, and compare your work to other research.

Short talks are allotted 9 minutes for presentation; questions will be held until the associated poster session. Please ensure that your presentation does not exceed 9 minutes in length.
Presentations that exceed 9 minutes will be stopped by the session chair in order to allow the other presenters to have their full allotted time.  Your presentation should highlight the key points of your research and its novel contributions, and encourage the audience to attend your poster presentation for further details about your work.

The allocated presentation time for workshops and CoNLL may differ.  Please check the conference web site for the exact time allocation for your presentation.