ACL 2010
July 11-16

Review Forms for ACL 2010

ACL 2010 has the goal of a broad technical program, and the program chairs are inviting papers from a range of categories:

Research papers
- theoretical computational linguistics
- empirical/data-driven approaches
- paradigms/techniques/strategies
- analysis papers
- resources and evaluation
- applications/systems
- negative result (report of a sensible experiment or approach that failed to achieve the desired results)
Survey papers
Position papers
Challenge papers

Each category has its own review form, and at submission time authors will be asked to select the category under which they think their paper should be evaluated (although the program committee chairs reserve the right to change the selected category if they feel that the submission falls into a different category of paper). This selection will determine the review form used for the submission.

For the purposes of the review forms, each category is associated with a long and short paper format (so there are two forms for each category). However, not all categories are necessarily suitable for both the long and short paper format. For example, work in progress is best presented as a short paper; and a survey is best presented as a long paper. See the Call for Papers for more details, and please email if you have any questions about the submission or reviewing process.

Download forms

Analysis_long (txt)
Analysis_short (txt)
Challenge_long (txt)
Challenge_short (txt)
Empirical_long (txt)
Empirical_short (txt)
Negative_long (txt)
Negative_short (txt)
Paradigms_long (txt)
Paradigms_short (txt)
Position_long (txt)
Position_short (txt)
Resources_long (txt)
Resources_short (txt)
Survey_long (txt)
Survey_short (txt)
Systems_long (txt)
Systems_short (txt)
Theoretical_long (txt)
Theoretical_short (txt)