ACL 2010
July 11-16


Collocated Conference

CoNLL-2010: The Fourteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Chairs: Mirella Lapata, Anoop Sarkar


WS1: SemEval-2010: 5th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluations
Chairs: Katrin Erk, Carlo Strapparava

WS2: Fifth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
Chairs: Chris Callison-Burch, Philipp Koehn, Christof Monz

WS3: The 4th Linguistic Annotation Workshop (The LAW IV)
Chairs: Nianwen Xue, Massimo Poesio

WS4: BioNLP 2010
Chairs: K. Bretonnel Cohen, Dina Demner-Fushman, Sophia Ananiadou, John Pestian, Jun'ichi Tsujii, Bonnie Webber

WS5: Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics
Chairs: John Hale

WS6: NLP and Linguistics: Finding the Common Ground
Chairs: Lori Levin, William Lewis, Fei Xia

WS7: 11th Meeting of  ACL-SIGMORPHON
Chairs: Jeffrey Heinz, Lynne Cahill and Richard Wicentowski

WS8: TextGraphs-5: Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing
Chairs: Carmen Banea, Alessandro Moschitti, Swapna Somasundaran, Fabio Massimo Zanzotto

WS9: Named Entities Workshop (NEWS 2010)
Chairs: A Kumaran and Haizhou Li

WS10: Applications of Tree Automata in Natural Language Processing
Chairs: Frank Drewes, Marco Kuhlmann

WS11: Domain Adaptation for Natural Language Processing (DANLP)
Chairs: Hal Daumé III, Tejaswini Deoskar, David McClosky, Barbara Plank, Jörg Tiedemann

WS12: Companionable Dialogue Systems
Chairs: Yorick Wilks, Morena Danieli, Björn Gambäck

WS13: GEMS-2010 Geometric Models of Natural Language Semantics
Chairs: Roberto Basili and Marco Pennacchiotti

ACL 2010 Workshop Chairs

Pushpak Bhattacharyia (Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India)
David Weir (University of Sussex, United Kingdom)